8 Labradors Who Think And Act Like Humans

Dogs are intelligent in nature.  Especially Labrador Retrievers, being one of the smartest among all breeds. They are also capable of  dressing up to be like humans.

These funny Labradors ace on mimicking!

1. “This black Lab also wanst to graduate together with his brother”

Source: dogchanel

2. “He is just not satisfied with his hair that’s why.”

Source: flickr

3. “He just realized how cool the clothes together with the beer and a very soft couch.”

Source: skunkwire

4. “Waiting for his Limousine, He’s already late for the awards night”

Source: pinterest

5. “It’s their dream come true! Lab Wedding!”

Source: pubarticle

6. “Aaaahh The famous BATMAN AND ROBIN tandem. It’s so cute!”

Source: allaboutlabrador

7. “I never thought that it was his dream to be a Blood Sucker! And He looks good on it!”

Source: kimballstock

8. “He always wanted to win that BEST ACTOR award!”

Source: pinterest


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