8 Reasons Why a Having a Pet Dog is Better Than a Cat

Are you a dog person? Or a cat person? It’s a typical first date question, and if you answered the former, hooray for you! Here are eight reasons why having a pet dog is better than having a cat.

1. They greet the world with a smile and bring happiness.

2. Dog are loyal.

Source: instagram

3. Playing fetch with them is infinitely fun.

Source: tumblr

4. They would love you no less even if you make a fool out of them.

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5. They know a lot of fun activities.

6. Great with toddlers even teaching them a thing or two.

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7. You can put a leash on a dog but never a cat on a leash.

Source: rottweilerhq

8. You scratch their back and they would scratch yours.

Source: instagram