8 Reasons Why You Should be Proud of Your Dachshund

There are dogs, then there are dachshunds. They are cute, pint-sized and a little too silly looking to be taken seriously, but don’t let the outside appearance fool you for there are few things this bite-size breed can only do.

1. They might be wee in size but Dachshunds never, ever shut up.

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2. Extremely fun to play dress up.

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3. Dachshunds can be handful and easily fit on your handbag.

4. Dachshund is extremely diverse.

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5. They can literally be called a “hot dog”.

6. Despite their size, they can be a ninja.

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7. Contrary to their size, they are very heavy eaters.(A reincarnation of Kirby perhaps?)

8. Dachshunds are born hunters and are extremely adept at camouflage.

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