8 Signs That Dogs Are Our Family

We’ve done a lot of things for our dogs, little did we know that we’re doing this because they really do have some special spot in our hearts. Check out these ways to know if you treat your dogs as your family and know if you’re really one of them.

1. Your dog is the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up.

Source: youtube

2. Your dog knows something’s wrong then makes something funny to make you smile.

Source: celebritydachshund

3. You and your dog’s starting to look alike.

Source: yourlocalguardian

4. You consider it a personal insult when places aren’t dog-friendly.

Source: poodleanddogblog

5. Dog’s happiness always comes first.

Source: imgbuddy

6. Your dog has more toys than any other children.

Source: panduvie

Source: pinterest

Source: pinterest

7. Most of your favorite family memories shared with your dog.

Source: shutterstock

8. Your dog has a special spot in your car.

Source: dogtrainingsecret

9. Their Birthdays are a family thing too.

Source: thechive

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