7 Signs You have Separation Anxiety with your Dog

Have you ever experienced having trouble dropping him off at the groomer’s or having someone dog sit or leaving him home alone? You might not realize you have separation anxiety with your dog!

Confirm if you have these 7 signs:

1. Using your furry friend as an excuse to get out of all sorts of social commitments.

2. And when  you’re away, You always start talking about your dog.


Source: caughtoffside

3. Feeling of sadness everytime you’re about to go to work.

4. Spending a lot of time checking out how’s your dog been doing.

Source: the-happy-dog-spot

5. Using your Sick-Leave as an excuse to have an extra-time with your dog.

6.  Talking to yourself while looking at your dog’s picture just to comfort yourself.





Source: just4mypet

7. Constantly showing your friends and family pictures and videos of your tail-wagger.

Source: shopify

We just hope we can be with our dogs 24 hours a day!

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