8 Things Boxer Dogs Uniquely Do

Boxer dogs- they’re tough and mean-looking, but they seem to be the perfect vanguard to your fortress. Though they might seem hard to understand, they are more than what meets the eye. So get seated for here are 8 things only a boxer dog can do.

1. They are the most jealous pets you would encounter.

Source: pinterest

2. They have a distinct growl, coined as the “ chewbacca growl”.

3. They are the dog equivalent of a man eating in taco bell. For they fart… a lot.

4. And, they also snore a lot.

Source: youtube

5. Your bed is full boxer territory.

Source: doggies

6. They have eyes, eyes everywhere.

7. They look gentle, just like a human baby.

Source: pinterest

8. They don’t need to be walked, they demand to be walked.