8 Things That Golden Retriever Owners Will Only Understand

Golden Retrievers – they are the breed of grace, majesty, exuberance, and elegance. Though they might seem the perfect choice of a pet, hold on to your paws, for here are 8 things that golden retriever owners will only understand.

1. They need constant attention.
“Whatever you do wherever you may be, you must pet me.”

2. Your dog stinks and needs to take a bath? No problem for they don’t hate the water.

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3. Think that your couch belongs to you? Think again.

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4. Golden retrievers would eat anything, literally anything.

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5. Want some furry accessories? Don’t worry with your golden retriever shedding all over the place, you won’t get any shortage of fur.

6. They know how to use the cute face, oh so well (give me a bone please).

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7. Golden retriever like balls, like them a lot.

8. They make the cutest puppies in the world.

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