8 Traits That Only Rottweilers Exhibit

They have big watchful eyes, big hulking figure, and menacing scowl. Yes, these words best describe rottweilers. And here are eight more traits that only Rottweilers can exhibit.

1. Rottweilers are restless and boundless.

2. Rottweilers are natural born alphadogs. Dominate, dominate, and dominate.

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3. They might seem menacing at a glance but they are gentle giants.

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4. If introduced early, rottweilers have a soft spot for other pets.

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5. They almost never mature. They might grow in size but not in attitude.

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6. They are messy eaters, and messy drinkers as well.

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7. If let idle, they would jump and run and ruin everything.

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8. They are shed monsters. Prepare your vacuum cleaners for their going to get a beating.

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