8 Tricks Dachshunds Use to Escape From Being Scolded

Funny how Dachshunds can use their cuteness as their defense from being scolded!  Sometimes we just don’t know what to do but to fizzle our mix of intense feelings towards them.

Watch out for these 8 Body Defense Tricks that your Doxie may use during discipline time – all for their own advantage!

1. The Blank Look: They will use this when they are caught in the middle of the act.

It says: It Wasn’t me!

Source: youtube

2. The Cute Black Nose: This is used when they are under the cover and want to see you jump by placing it on tender body parts. 

Source: incatena

3. The Doxie Mouth: This has two purposes:

1. A soft whimper will arise out of it that turns your anger to Jello..

2. It will eat its own poop, then lick your face to get rid of the taste. 

Source: aplacetolovedogs

4. Soft Warm Belly: This is their most effective defense when they know they are in trouble. You must be strong and look away.

Source: picphotos

5. Frito scented paws: These are used for all occasions by these evil dogs to keep from getting in trouble. They also twitch when they sleep.

Source: dogtime

6. Skinny Little Tail: They have the ability to wiggle only the very tip for the awwwwwww factor. 

Source: swagjewelry

7. Soft floppy ears: They purposely flip one or both to look more adorable. 

Source: dogsthing

8. Cow eyes: These are used after they chew something yours. 

Source: galleryhip

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