8 Ways On How To Stop Dog Fighting Today

Dog fighting is a sadistic blood sport, where two game dogs that have been bred and trained to battle against one another in a ring or a pit for the entertainment of the spectators or the gratification of the dogfighters/dogmen.  The battle only ends, usually after one to two hours, when one of the dogs have died or can no longer continue.

Dog fighting is still an unfortunate reality in our world up until today. It may feel easy to leave this matter up to law enforcement but these simple steps allow anybody to take a stand, lend a hand and stop this deplorable practice. Know these simple ways and be a responsible concern dog lover citizen!

1. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you suspect dog fighting is taking place in your neighborhood contact local authorities with information such as locations, times, dates, anything that may help an investigation.

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2. Post to social media. Reach as wide an audience as possible to make the biggest impact.

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3. Volunteer. Visit your local shelter and offer your time to help the victims of dog fighting. Keeping a dog mentally and physically fit could help save its life.

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4. Protect your pup. Dog fighters will sometimes steal pets to use as bait dogs. Make sure you don’t leave your animals unattended and get them microchipped.

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5. Educate others. Start a neighborhood watch and educate others in your community on the horrors of dog fighting.

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6. Adopt a Pit Bull. Let your new companion be a shining example of how great the breed can be.

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7. Tell the media. News sources are always looking for new stories and investigative pieces. Let them know about the cruel world of dog fighting.

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8. Support better laws. Support harsher punishments. Stay informed on dog fighting legislation in your state.

Source: antidogfightingcampaign

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