9 Dogs Didn’t Realize You Were Back So Soon!

When you catch them surprised!  Dogs are the Funniest!! ROFL!

1.  “Would you like some bacon? I was about to get you a bacon!”


2. “Oh! I thought . .  my favorite ball bounced into here.”


3. “Hi! You’re home early!”


4. “Oh glob! We were just . . . playing.” LOL!


5. “At least please knock! I’m practicing here” 


6. “Who told you?  I didn’t even use it!”


7.  “Oh . . . good. You’re here. Please help me finish wrapping these gifts!”

source: dose


8. OMG! I found my dog looking at – What? LOL!! 

source: buzzfeed


9.  “I was . . uh . . . we’re out of steak.”

source: buzzfeed


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