9 Puzzle Toys That Could Keep Any Dog Busy

All dogs need both mental and physical exercise.  While they need lots of physical exercise in order to let loose all their energy, they also need to challenge their brains and stimulate it to think!  Without enough exercise, dogs will become bored and exhibit unwanted behaviors.

By giving them interactive toys and feeders,  your dog can have the much-needed exercise without stressing yourself out!

For greedy eaters, you might want to consider an interactive feeder.  For active dogs,  a puzzle toy that needs to be moved around in order to dispense its goodies might be best. For senior or injured dogs, a toy that can be operated with his nose or one paw may be the way to go. Whatever your dog needs, you’re sure to find something to satisfy him. Plus, these toys are much more appealing than their balls and stuffed toys!

1.  Foobler = Food + Tumbler, Interactive Feeder

An all-time favorite!  These come in different shapes and sizes!

source: petexpertise

2. You can make one yourself too! 

source: pinterest

3. Aikiou Dog Interactive Feeder

source: petgoodies

4. Slow-Bowl Interactive Feeder

Your dog will work their way around their food. 

source: gadgetify

1 minute eating time could turn to 15 minutes!

5. Green Interactive Feeder

source: dogster

6. DogTornado

A fun and interactive game!

source: mascositas

7. Nina Ottosson’s Dog Treat Maze

source: thedadventurer

8. Bouncy Bone

source: petboutik

9. Tug-A-Jug

A meal dispensing dog toy; good for senior dogs!

source: amazon

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