9 Timeless Photos of Golden Retrievers Who Will Be Fur-ever Yours

Golden Retrievers are our furry buddies who will be fur-ever ours. Here are 9 photos that show their commitment to us from the moment we were born.

1. “Gorgeous shot.”

Source: instagram

2. “Find comfort in me.”

S ource: instagram

3. “Here’s a kiss for you.”

Source: instagram

4. “I’m his buddyguard.”

Source: instagram

5. “We love to play together.”

Source: instagram

6. “I’m here to listen to all you stories.”

Source: twitter

7. “Sleeping like this is priceless!”

Source: hdwallwide

8. “I love watching you sleep.”

Source: instagram

9. “I’ll be FUR-ever yours.”

Source: instagram