Aggressive Puppies – 4 Tips to Know if Your Puppy is Aggressive

Aggressive Puppies – 4 Tips to Know if Your Puppy is Aggressive

Playing with your puppy can be fun, but there comes a point when your puppy is too aggressive. Some puppy’s hostile behavior can be genetic, but a good portion of it is how the puppy is handled. Here are 4 tips to help keep your puppy from becoming too violent.


  1. Do not manhandle the dog. This is hostile behavior on your part and only teaches the puppy that aggressive behavior is the only way to get what you want. The puppy will respond in kind when they want something.

  1. When you do want your puppy to give you things, a ball or chew toy, teach them. By using command words you can train your dog to do a variety of things to include giving you whatever they have in their mouth. If you try and grab it or force it from the puppy, this reverts back to tip one. Training your puppy also encourages obedient behavior and establishes commands are to be obeyed, not negotiated.

  1. Use your voice in a firm but non-angry manner when using command words. And when you touch the puppy it should always be in a positive manner; never strike or yell at the puppy for punishment. This instills fear not obedience. Fear can often lead to aggressive behavior later.

  1. When your puppy acts inappropriately, reprimand with a firm “no” – but in a non-angry manner. Stand your ground if the puppy is misbehaving. If you over-react you are likely to create a puppy that feels they can win if they just push hard enough. Do not fight back, but be firm as to what your expectations are. Teach the puppy your commands are non-negotiable.

Dogs are pack animals and they naturally understand the concept of Alpha or leader. However, the Alpha of the pack does not have to be aggressive, nor is it the leader constantly questioning their ability. The best way to ensure you have an obedient dog is to train your puppy that you are the leader. The best way to be the puppy’s leader is by being firm but not cruel with your expectations. Be fun, kind, playful and loving often with your puppy, but also make sure your puppy understands what you think is proper behavior. You will accept nothing else, not if the puppy wants you to play. Take a look at for more puppy training tips.