Are You Ruining Your Relationship With Your Dog?

Take this simple Yes or No Quiz to know if you are Drifting away from your dog . . . hurting your dog in the process!

1.  Are you always on your phone?  If yes, please get off your phone.  Instead of checking your twitter account, check how your doing is doing.

source: celebritydachshund

2.  Do you ignore your dog?  They need your attention but you are always busy doing the laundry or watching television or  hanging out with other people.

source: dailypuppy

3. Are you inconsistent with your orders? Whenever your dog does something not nice, if you are not consistently reprimanding them, they will end up confused and will lose respect towards you.

source: wall4all

4.  Do you have an inactive lifestyle? Make sure your dog is in shape! Their physical state is closely related to their mental and emotional health. 

source: etsy

And the most important question:

5. Are you gone too much? Your dog might not understand just how busy you are.  Even if it is just an hour after work, show your dog you care. You may also ask someone else to be with them.

source: dailypuppy

I hope you answered more “No’ than ‘Yes’!  Your dog will LOVE you no matter what happens!

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