Be A Tick Smart Dog Owner

Knowing the basics about what makes our dogs itch and burn takes us a one step ahead and prevent from infestations to our dogs! Some of these information amaze me, but still, these Ticks should die!

1. Tick Hot Spots. It is usually in the head, ears, shoulders and upper leg.

Source: caninehealthanswers

2. Tick Life Cycle. Tick live for 2 years and only feed 3 times requiring s blood meal to progress to each successive stage in the life cycle.

Source: sitnotbark

3. Where Ticks Live. Ticks don’t jump, fly or drop from trees onto your head. They live in grassy, bushy areas and crawl up their host and try to attach around the head or ears.

Source: warrenphotographic

4. How They Feed.  It takes 5-6 hours to become firmly attached and up to 10 days for it to become fully engorged with blood.

Source: vetstreet


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