Best Dogs – Looking for Great Traits

There is a lot of argument over what characteristics make a great dog – some are obvious, like loyalty and obedience, but others such as playfulness or sociability, might be much more subjective. In this article we’ll take a look at what makes dogs inarguablyPapshundPapillonDachshundHybridDogsSunny9Years1 good, and some of the things that are tougher to nail down. The best dogs can be difficult to define, but we’re going to give it our best shot.


In our quest for the best dogs, we absolutely have to revisit the old standards, the things that are quintessentially attributed to dogs, be they good or bad. Loyalty is, by and large, the number one trait that is given to our canine companions, and is never a bad thing to have. Obedience is another, and dogs with obedient tendencies can make excellent companions. Think of things that are good qualities to have, no matter what, before adopting a certain dog.

Intelligence is sometimes overlooked, as it can be hard to measure how smart a dog is, but just as some people are smarter than others, so are some dogs. A smart dog shows a capacity to learn and learn quickly, and an ability to make choices for itself within the boundaries you set for it. Having a smart dog will keep it out of trouble more often, and keep you from having to punish it. The best dogs have the ability to basically take care of themselves, much like a cat, but still retain that sense of emotional connection that many cats lack.

A more subjective trait is playfulness, as some people want a dog that they can play with, while others want their dog to be more serious (be it for showing, guarding, or work reasons). Traits like this can be hard to decide on, especially when there is more than one person doing the adopting. Make sure that if you are going into an adoption with another person, you decide on the traits you want to look for beforehand, so that there are no conflicts of interest. For example, say you want a dog that likes physical activity, and needs a lot of it, but your spouse doesn’t particularly enjoy going on walks. This could cause a conflict. The best dogs are the ones that suit everyone’s needs. All in all, finding a dog that suits you personally is the best kind of dog you could ask for.