BEWARE: 10 Begging Tricks Boxer Dogs Use On You

Boxer dogs will do anything for a treat!  They know how to hit your weakness to the core.  Watch out for these Begging Tricks that they might use on you to get what they want.

WATCH this video of a begging Boxer.  He is an expert trickster! LOL

Here are the 10 Begging Tricks that Boxers use:

1. Boxers will always stare at the  person who is eating.

2. Boxers will lay your head on the persons knee when they eat.

3. Boxers will constantly drool while retaining eye contact.

4. Boxers will use napkin whenever necessary.

5. Boxers will invade your personal space.

6. Boxers will combine licking their lips while maintaining eye contact.

7. Boxers will cry and whine.

8. When finally fed, Boxers  will chew with their mouth open.

9. After eating, Boxers will graciously thank you.

10. It’s not yet over, because Boxers will be asking for dessert!

boxer begging

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