Breakfast And Bed! These Dogs Nailed it!

When Multi-tasking fails and SLEEPINESS WINS!! The result? Exploding Cutenesst!

1. “Ok I’ll just take 5”

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2. “It’s called comfort food”

Source: weknowmemes

3. “Please wake me when I’m hungry”

Source: amazing-creatures

4. “The milk is so deliciously making me sleepy”

Source: weknowmemes

5. “I’ll just save my next meal”

Source: barkpost

6. “This is exclusively mine!


Source: aplacetolovedogs

7. “He’s not sharing ma!”

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8. “Let me just take a rest for a while”


Source: globalanimal

9. “Just saving it for dinner, when I wake up!”

Source: imgur

10. “These water is so comforting, it makes me sleepy!”

Source: heapsoffun

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