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English Bulldog 101 – Is This Breed Right For You?

ENGLISH BULLDOGS: Tenacious. Powerful.  Lovable. Fierce. Confident. Tough.  Independent. While the typical dog would look to their owners for guidance and support; the English Bulldog is just “Whatever, I don’t need you.” They are funny creatures!  They look funny and they make funny sounds. Also, don’t force the English Bulldog to swim. Their body is

August 26 – National Dog Day

Tomorrow’s the National Dog Day. It’s time to celebrate. Take a look at these seven dogs who can’t hide their excitement for their big day. 1. Your hunting buddy’s ready. 2. Look at that face. Sense of excitement. 3. Just happy! 4. He’s a wiener and he’s proud of it. 5. Sibling love. 6. A special mug

7 Dog Breeds That Love Humans More Than Their Fellow Dogs

Some dogs think of nothing but food. Some dogs put priority to their sleep. Some dogs love other dogs.  But there are some dogs simply prefer human companionship, but they don’t necessarily have to be dog aggressive.  They just enjoy being petted, fed, and cooed!  Take these human-worshiping dogs to a dog park and they’ll

10 Photos That Prove Dogs Are The Cutest

Whether its their expressions, costumes, or habits, dogs are absolutely the cutest! 1. “Why are you sitting on my seat?” – teddy_samoyed 2. “Wind in my hair, all healed up, no more cone. Today is a great day.” – chiefpupmarshall 3. “This is how I greet people 😄 … I show them my Smile!!” – buddy_the_fug 4. “Love when mummy carry me! HAPPY 4

15 of the Coolest New Dog Moms on Instagram

They aren’t just regular moms, they’re new dog moms. 1. Missbrittgee loving her precious little dog. 2. Noelle lying in the green green grass of home with her momma. 3. Mom and her dog love morning walks. 4. Puppy love. 5. Mom and puppy bonding at the beach. 6. Rainbow hair + cute puppy = Picture perfect! 7.

Dog Caught Dancing With Owner

This guy had no idea he was being filmed for this.  Obviously, this is not the first time that he and his dog did something like this. This duo is the funniest! I was moving my head along with them while watching! ROFL!  

This Half Bulldog Lives His Second Life To The Fullest!

Bonsai is born with half a spine, dysfunctional pelvis and malformed hind legs. Sounds like the end of the world for this rescued pup.  But watch this video and Bonsai will immediately melt your heart! He is such a miracle Bulldog.  His strength and desire to live is really inspirational! They should give him wheels

This Puppy is Half Bulldog – Full of Love

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Well, when I first saw Bonsai the Bulldog, I instantly fell in love!! But Bonsai, a rescued English Bulldog, is more than just a sweetie . . . because at just a few months old, he has gone through quite a lot already. Bonsai was born with