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15 of the Coolest New Dog Moms on Instagram

They aren’t just regular moms, they’re new dog moms. 1. Missbrittgee loving her precious little dog. 2. Noelle lying in the green green grass of home with her momma. 3. Mom and her dog love morning walks. 4. Puppy love. 5. Mom and puppy bonding at the beach. 6. Rainbow hair + cute puppy = Picture perfect! 7.

Heartbreaking Love Story of Two Dogs

From the previous article on 8 Facts on the True Strength of a Dog’s Sense of Smell, we have learned about how dogs have used their noses to “read” stories about the world around them.   They are so amazing! source: consciouslifestyles Male dogs have used their noses to capture alluring scents of Female Dogs.  They

10 Chihuahuas getting Dog Shamed

Chihuahua’s are not all about being cute, cuddly and friendly. They can be stubborn and do nasty things too sometimes! 1. That moment when there’s double trouble and yet they’re still cute. Source: pinterest 2. That moment when they get the bonus. Source:

7 Facts from the Chihuahua’s Breed Profile

It’s about time to know the basics of our cute and cuddly little furry chihuahuas. 1. Chihuahuas originated in Northwestern Mexico and were discovered by American tourists. Source: bellassparkle 2. Those dogs were used by Mexicans specially in religious ceremonies. Source: irresistiblepets 3. Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed among all existing dog breed. Source: mydogneeds 4. Chihuahuas

5 Need-to-Knows before getting a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are so adorable and cute!  But due to their small size, a special kind of treatment must be observed. Know these things before owning a chihuahua so that you can give them the maximum care that is needed. 1. Give them dog toys. Chihuahua are naturally hyper dogs, make sure they have enough toys to