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A Most Touching Dachshund Tribute

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me, they are the role model for being alive.” – Gilda Radner This tribute video of a Dachshund shows how they can be very very loving intimate.   Families with Dachshunds can relate to this strong bond. SHARE this on Facebook! 

35 Dachshund Descriptions To Love Them Even More Than You Could Ever Imagine

Dachshund actually means “badger dogs” who were originally bred to help out hunters to go down holes. Dachshunds are . . . Amazing. World’s best kept secret. Intelligent. FRIENDLY. Smart. Loves Children. Has big bark. Bold. Rash. ACTIVE. Tenacious. HARDY. Has a big heart. Good Athletes. Great. Strong.  Gives their 100%.  Ball of energy. Comedians. Clowns of the breed.  High performance dog. Little Napoleons. Relaxed. LIVELY. Affectionate.

August 26 – National Dog Day

Tomorrow’s the National Dog Day. It’s time to celebrate. Take a look at these seven dogs who can’t hide their excitement for their big day. 1. Your hunting buddy’s ready. 2. Look at that face. Sense of excitement. 3. Just happy! 4. He’s a wiener and he’s proud of it. 5. Sibling love. 6. A special mug

15 Adorable Dogs Eating Popsicles on Very Hot Days

These dogs know exactly what to do on a hot summer day. 1. “Am I eating the popsicle right? My hair blocks my sight.” 2. “Can I eat popsicles all day long?” 3. “Popsicle isn’t enough. More air please.” 4. “Loving this peanut butter flavored popsicle.” 5. “A homemade popsicle for me. My mom’s sweet.” 6. “Lick it until the heat

MUST WATCH: This Is The Most Impressive Dachshund Act!

Just when you thought that training your stubborn Doxie was impossible, this amazing woman did it!  Not with just one Dachshund, but with FIVE Dachshunds! Synchronized jumping and rolling is so freakin adorable!  Look at how happy and patient they are in the whole act! SHARE this on Facebook! 

The Dachshund Ninja Move

These two Dachshunds are both lovely and funny! But one of them is a Ninja!  They are patient and smart; they would do anything for a treat!  LOL!!   SHARE this on Facebook! 

Are You Ready for the 2nd Doxie Pool Pawty?

This August 16, the second annual Dachshund Pool Party will be held in California’s luxurious Hollywood Hills. The event is sponsored by Susanna Zachary. Doxies are encouraged to wear flower crowns. Isn’t that cute? For more details, click here. The first annual Dachshund Pool Party was held on October last year. Check out these photos

While The Human Is Away, The Dog Can Play! [Timelapse]

Are you wondering what dogs are up to when you leave them for a while at home? Here’s a very cute time lapse video of three fury animals and their activities inside the house! Note: Majority of their activities involve total relaxation and rolling around! ROFL!! SHARE this on Facebook!

Jealous Dachshund Doesn’t Want His Brother Included In the Photo

If you have lived together with a Doxie, you should know that they are extremely jealous creatures.  They’ll be jealous of other dogs, other things, other people, and particularly everything and anything you give more of your attention to!  This particular Dachshund is jealous of his little brother! WATCH how this Doxie steal the whole

Dachshunds Know How To Play Tag!

Two Dachshunds playing in the kitchen floor are so adorable! It’s amazing how they don’t slip and slide! I can’t help but laugh at their every turn! The other tDachshund got almost caught! ROFL!   SHARE this post on Facebook!