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Golden Retriever: The Best Family Dog!

Why is the Golden Retriever the perfect family pet?  Why are they the number one breed in the whole world?   First of all, they are the lowest ranking barkers.  Second, they don’t have bad breath. Third, they are the Champions of Obedience Trials.  Fourth, they are versatile and can adapt to anyone.  Fifth,  they

August 26 – National Dog Day

Tomorrow’s the National Dog Day. It’s time to celebrate. Take a look at these seven dogs who can’t hide their excitement for their big day. 1. Your hunting buddy’s ready. 2. Look at that face. Sense of excitement. 3. Just happy! 4. He’s a wiener and he’s proud of it. 5. Sibling love. 6. A special mug

15 Embarrassing Moments of Dogs

Check out these 15 photos of dogs and their own embarrassing moments. 1. “Oh please no more pictures.” – basalticwigwam 2. “🐶…help! HELP‼️ This is not the attire of a farm boy 🙈🙈😁😳😪.”  – milobrodie_farmboys 3. “Ahhh please stop it, this is so embarrassing!!” – bauwowworld 4. “Caught hugging!” – lover_of_l 5. “Oh geeze Mom, can’t believe you put this #stupid #bow on me. It

10 Dog Problems Dog Owners Should Be Aware Of

Even dogs have problems. 1. When you look disgusting. 2. How to get this ball when covered in sand. 3. When it’s Monday again and you’re not ready for it. 4. When you’re too obsessed with toys. 5. When OCD strikes. 6. How to sleep comfortably. 7. When you want to play but mom’s cleaning. 8. When you need

GSD VS GR, Who Eats Faster?

Who could be the faster eater, would it be the German Shepherd or the Golden Retriever? Place your bets on who will win this hot dog eating contest!! Competition begins in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . GO!!   SHARE this on Facebook! 

10 Photos That Prove Dogs Are The Cutest

Whether its their expressions, costumes, or habits, dogs are absolutely the cutest! 1. “Why are you sitting on my seat?” – teddy_samoyed 2. “Wind in my hair, all healed up, no more cone. Today is a great day.” – chiefpupmarshall 3. “This is how I greet people 😄 … I show them my Smile!!” – buddy_the_fug 4. “Love when mummy carry me! HAPPY 4

15 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Go Outdoors With Your Dog

Go outdoors and do it with your dog. Check out these 15 quotes that will inspire you to pack your bags and prepare for a wonderful outdoor adventure. 1. “Spending time outdoors makes you feel great.” – Elizabeth Hurley 2. “I am unboreable in the great outdoors.” – P. J. O’Rourke 3. “All those hours exploring the