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Dad Tells His Dog, “You’re a Dog, Not a Potato Skin Eater”

“You’re a dog, not a potato skin eater.” In the following video, you’ll witness the heated argument between a dad and a Siberian Husky. Dad’s scolding the dog for eating the potato skin that the dad is supposed to eat. The Siberian Husky talks back to the dad, which the latter didn’t like. Click the

14 Dogs Giving the High Five You Deserve

These dogs understand that you deserve a high five for a job well done! 1. “Let me touch your hand.”   2. “I love your nails.”   3. “A high five for an angel.”   4. “Let’s be together forever.”   5. “Feel the warmth of my hand.”   6. “Here’s one from you.”   7. “Oh yeah!”   8. “This is a