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10 Emotional Messages of Lab Owners That Will Touch Your Heart

As much as we love our Labradors, we can’t deny the fact they they will leave this world. And when they’re gone, we feel empty and sad. We miss them a lot and when we do, we simply can’t express our emotions. Read these emotional messages of different Lab owners who miss their pet. 1.

Labrador Retriever 101 – What Makes This Breed So Unique?

Fall in love with the Labrador Retriever.  pinterest They were bred from Newfoundlands, but a smaller version to retrieve fishing nets and fish hooks.  Look closer and you’ll see that they have webbed feet!  Labs also have otter-like tails to act as a rudder in the water.  Labs have slightly oily fur to keep them

August 26 – National Dog Day

Tomorrow’s the National Dog Day. It’s time to celebrate. Take a look at these seven dogs who can’t hide their excitement for their big day. 1. Your hunting buddy’s ready. 2. Look at that face. Sense of excitement. 3. Just happy! 4. He’s a wiener and he’s proud of it. 5. Sibling love. 6. A special mug

15 Embarrassing Moments of Dogs

Check out these 15 photos of dogs and their own embarrassing moments. 1. “Oh please no more pictures.” – basalticwigwam 2. “🐶…help! HELP‼️ This is not the attire of a farm boy 🙈🙈😁😳😪.”  – milobrodie_farmboys 3. “Ahhh please stop it, this is so embarrassing!!” – bauwowworld 4. “Caught hugging!” – lover_of_l 5. “Oh geeze Mom, can’t believe you put this #stupid #bow on me. It

10 Dog Problems Dog Owners Should Be Aware Of

Even dogs have problems. 1. When you look disgusting. 2. How to get this ball when covered in sand. 3. When it’s Monday again and you’re not ready for it. 4. When you’re too obsessed with toys. 5. When OCD strikes. 6. How to sleep comfortably. 7. When you want to play but mom’s cleaning. 8. When you need

10 Photos Showing What Your Dogs Really Think

Imagine what your dogs have been thinking. 1. “I want food. Give me some.” 2. “Bone, cheese, and ice cream – three things I absolutely want.” 3. “Whaaaat?! There’s a big dog behind me? He should not see that I look scared. I should act natural. Repeat three times.” 4. “IKR!” 5. “Babies are humans. I am your baby. Therefore,

15 Adorable Dogs Eating Popsicles on Very Hot Days

These dogs know exactly what to do on a hot summer day. 1. “Am I eating the popsicle right? My hair blocks my sight.” 2. “Can I eat popsicles all day long?” 3. “Popsicle isn’t enough. More air please.” 4. “Loving this peanut butter flavored popsicle.” 5. “A homemade popsicle for me. My mom’s sweet.” 6. “Lick it until the heat

There’s No LAB Like The First!

There’s no lab like the first. Check out these 10 photos that were posted by different dog owners as they reminisce their very first Lab. 1. “In love with Chloe! #myfirstlab #ilovedogs #hereyes” – zely.salazar 2. “Cash’s uncle Toby #myfirstlab #yellowlab #babydog #6weeks” – blacklab_cash 3. “I can’t believe it’s been year since you went to Doggy Heaven. I

15 Cool Dog Pool Party Photos on Instagram

Humans party hard; but these dogs party harder! 1. “This is how you enter the pool.” 2. “We party and race…in the pool!” 3. “When parents are away, this is what we do!” 4. “Playing with a new friend in the pool.” 5. “Three in one.” 6. “It’s time to cool down!” 7. “Enjoying the water with loved ones.”   8. “Size doesn’t