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Hungry Mother Dog Roams The Streets Begging For Help

A dog loose on the streets is a big issue.  But a dog walking around and looking like a bag of bones, suffering from canine Eclampsia is an even bigger issue! Eclampsia or the “milk fever” is an emergency medical condition associated with a  life-threatening drop in blood calcium levels that occurs in nursing mothers. Eclampsia

Dying Dog Found With A Stomach Full of Sand

examiner The detectives from the Polk County Sheriff’s Agricultural Crimes found a starving dog with a stomach three-quarters full of sand.  The three-year-old Pit Bull mix was tethered in a yard whilst severely ill. The dog suffered from malnutrition and a serious breathing problem due to an untreated throat disorder. The dog ate sand to survive.  .

This Deaf Dog Is “Too Ugly To Love” But Still Hoping For Adoption

Some people has commented that a deaf dog with different colored eyes was just ”too ugly to love”.  This dog, named Buddy, has already been up for adoption for two years now.  Buddy’s fellows at the adoption home Dog’s Trust, where he lives, was already able to relocate more than 1,000 dogs to their new homes for

Pit Bull Father And Son Moment

It is one of the sweetest things to witness a parent animal taking care of their babies, loving and playing with them them.  Well, this Pit bull father-and-son bonding moment  is just too adorable, and you have to smile as they share loving moments! Source: youtube SHARE this on Facebook!

15 Photos of Surprised Dogs Who Got Startled With What They Saw

These cute dogs are all surprised, and they’re too funny that they can make you laugh! 1. “What do you mean you’ll have a cat?” – patipost_ 2. “What’s that? Take it away!” 3. “I’m not prepared for that shot.” 4. “I’m speechless. I’m stunned.” 5. “Getting surprised means having big eyes.” 6. “WHOOOOAAAA!” 7. “Whaaat did you saaaayyyy!?” – mochatheberner 8. “Oh s***! I forgot to eat

Pineapple Fight With A Pitbull

There is a Pitbull who is so terrified of seeing a Pineapple, even in their very own kitchen.   What could be in this Pineapple that makes this Pitty react so strongly? Source: youtube SHARE this on Facebook!

Tear-jerking Story on Dog Fighting

My heart bleeds to the story of these poor Pitbulls!  STOP DOG FIGHTING! Help stop this horrible business of Dog fighting with 8 Ways on How to Stop Dog Fighting Today. Source: youtube