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When Dogs Are Better Than Girlfriends

Find the one may take months or even years, but why wait for long years when a friend who is better than a girlfriend is just around the corner? Here are seven reasons why dogs are better than being in a relationship. 1. Dogs are loyal. 2. They would never get tired of seeing you every single day.

6 Movies with Pug Participation

Enjoy this wonderful list of movies and TV shows made better with the special participation of our very own Pugs. Check this out! 1. The Adventures of Milo and Otis. Its all about an adventure of a dog and a cat and cuteness all over the movie. Source: sonypictures 2. Men in Black I, II

Funny Anatomy Of A Pug!

A funny description of a Pug’s anatomy will make you love them even more! 1. Eyes – 36% of a pug’s weight. Source: pinterest 2. Face – Capable of only 3 expressions. Excitement-Panic-Excitement. Source: pugcommunity 3. Nostril – Not capable of passing air. Forcing pug to breathe through their ears. Source: googlepics 4. Spine –

8 Pictures That Will Make You Hug That Pug!

Who doesn’t need a hug? Humans and our fury friends  need to feel the love too, and smoosh-faced pugs are no exception. 1. “You look scared, come here let me give you some snuggle.” Source: Barkpost 2. “Hi Grumpy, will a pug hug make you feel better huh?” Source: Barkpost 3. “I hate nightmares!” Source:

11 Pug Facts You Should Know

Here’s some important things you might want to know about us Pugs. Source: tumblr   1.  “We don’t require a large space to live in. You will know why soon.” Source: Giphy   2.  “We love napping and sleeping. I don’t know which of those two I like better, though.” Source: Giphy   3.  “We