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What Dog Toy Has Killed This Dog

  A Rottweiler has died a day after playing with rubber ball dog toy.   Maximus the Rottweiler had a swollen and wounded tongue after playing with a rubber Kong ball or the Pimple ball with a single hole in it; the hole had suctioned the dog’s tongue. If you have one of these Kong balls, please

August 26 – National Dog Day

Tomorrow’s the National Dog Day. It’s time to celebrate. Take a look at these seven dogs who can’t hide their excitement for their big day. 1. Your hunting buddy’s ready. 2. Look at that face. Sense of excitement. 3. Just happy! 4. He’s a wiener and he’s proud of it. 5. Sibling love. 6. A special mug

15 Photos That Prove That Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

Dogs are not just man’s bestfriend; they’re also the world’s best babysitters. Here are 15 photos to prove it. 1. They love being hugged like this. 2. They are perfect for the babysitting job. 3. They don’t just babysit; they also express how passionate they are through kisses. 4. They think of you. 5. They guard

This Video of a Rottweiler Calming an Autistic Woman Will Melt Your Heart

Samson, a shelter dog turned into a service dog, was trained by his owner Danielle Jacobs, a 24-year-old woman suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, to calm her down during her depressive and self harm episodes. In this video, you will see how Samson bravely and patiently comfort Jacobs during a meltdown. Thank you, Samson! Click the

7 Things You and Your Dog Can Do on a Rainy Day

Summer is almost over and the cold days are just about to get started, so gone are the days where we can just linger around with your dog in the yard or walk it through the neighborhood. But instead on sipping tea and watching T.V., here we present activities to do during the rainy days

7 Things Dogs Love to Do During The Winter

Everybody enjoys the winter. The cold weather breeze, the suspension of classes, a time to unwind and enjoy the beauty that is brought by the change of the seasons. And our dog companions are no different, jus like these adorable pictures of dogs having the time of their lives in the winter. 1. The Dachshund Fuehrer.

7 Famous Dogs That Stand Out From The Pack

We might think that all dogs are the same, and one is not distinct from another. But these dogs show what it takes to stand out from the pack, either by sheer luck or pure skill. Here are dogs that are famous throughout history. 1. The red-haired-dachshund and his owner Jack Black.   2. Oselle the