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Poetry Tribute For All Dogs: When You Love A Dog

A dog will look at you with eyes filled with nothing else but love for you and your family. A dog will live his short life, trying every moment to enter your heart without a way or by-ends. A dog does not know hate.  You can abandon him and we will still wait for you

10 Strategies To Bathe Your Dog Quickly and Painlessly

In our previous discussion on how often you should bathe your dog,  this post now gives tips on how to bath your dog as quickly and as painlessly, especially when your dog is not used to this kind of wet activity or doesn’t like the water in general.  dailydachshundanddognews   Tip 1: Set your bathing location wisely.

35 Dachshund Descriptions To Love Them Even More Than You Could Ever Imagine

Dachshund actually means “badger dogs” who were originally bred to help out hunters to go down holes. Dachshunds are . . . Amazing. World’s best kept secret. Intelligent. FRIENDLY. Smart. Loves Children. Has big bark. Bold. Rash. ACTIVE. Tenacious. HARDY. Has a big heart. Good Athletes. Great. Strong.  Gives their 100%.  Ball of energy. Comedians. Clowns of the breed.  High performance dog. Little Napoleons. Relaxed. LIVELY. Affectionate.

K9 Partner and Wife Give Honor For Cop Who Died In a Car Crash

  3milliondogs This six year old German Shepherd police dog named Blek has shown true loyalty to his partner when they were involved in a head-on collision with a van that was driving the wrong way. Blek’s partner, Lt. Eric Eslary of the Pennsylvania Police had died instantly in the crash.  But the dog remained

Things You Need To Know About Boxer Dogs

The Boxer dog  is one of the most popular dog breed in the whole world.  Boxers are characterized by their seemingly sad-looking face and their really short tails.  Notice how they shake and wag their whole hind when they get excited!  This Large, Fun-loving Breed doesn’t grow up after they age three years old! ROFL!

Dog Quacks Exactly Like Donald Duck!

I think I found the voice actor of Donald Duck!  His name is Caleb but internet will call him Donald Dog! ROFL He tries to howl, but funny sounds come out of his mouth!  His quacking bark is hilarious! SHARE this on Facebook! 

MUST WATCH: This Is The Most Impressive Dachshund Act!

Just when you thought that training your stubborn Doxie was impossible, this amazing woman did it!  Not with just one Dachshund, but with FIVE Dachshunds! Synchronized jumping and rolling is so freakin adorable!  Look at how happy and patient they are in the whole act! SHARE this on Facebook! 

12 Dog Breeds You Will Never See Walking On Earth Again

How many dog breeds in the world, we may never really know.  However,  the World Canine Organization compiled a registry of all internationally accepted dog breeds.  The latest count would make it 339 official dog breeds!  This excludes the breeds that no longer, either these extinct dogs were no longer maintained or has already evolved