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When You Are Fishing For A Boxer Dog

Combine your favorite fishing hobby with your love for Boxer dogs? The result is catching total fun and laughtrip! This video teaching you how to fish for Boxer dogs is Hilarious! Are you Hungry for a Boxer dog? Catch one adorable Boxer dog in your nearest lake now! ROFL!! SHARE this on Facebook!

English Bulldog 101 – Is This Breed Right For You?

ENGLISH BULLDOGS: Tenacious. Powerful.  Lovable. Fierce. Confident. Tough.  Independent. While the typical dog would look to their owners for guidance and support; the English Bulldog is just “Whatever, I don’t need you.” They are funny creatures!  They look funny and they make funny sounds. Also, don’t force the English Bulldog to swim. Their body is

The Meaning Of The Groans and Sighs of Your Dog

Aren’t dogs such drama queens? They sigh and groan as if they carry the weight of the world over their shoulder!  polyvore Well, these dogs are trying to convey a message to you.  Groaning and sighing are pretty common dog sounds and they can express diverse emotions such as happiness and frustration.  imgur Learn the

Funny Boxer Dog Temptations!

It’s TOUGH being a good dog! But being good definitely pays off! WATCH this Boxer Dog look at TEMPTATION right into the eye.  He almost falls into the trap.  He plays in his mind what he really wants to do with the object of Temptation in front of him. Poor doggy had to go through

The Hilarious Boxer Dog Logic

Take a look at the Boxer Dog Logic! For one, Boxer will jump at anything high.  But they won’t jump in the car! WHY????? Another, Boxers LOVE water.  But HATES bath!! These dogs think so weird, especially these naughty Boxers.  It makes me want to strangle them with my love! LOL SHARE this on Facebook! 

Jumping Dogs Everywhere! [Best Funny Compilation]

OMG these dogs can’t stop jumping! They are the happiest dogs ever.  They leap and bound and spring and hop! Every second of this video screams HAPPINESS. The more I watch these dogs, the funnier it gets and the happier I become too! SHARE this on Facebook! 

10 Strategies To Bathe Your Dog Quickly and Painlessly

In our previous discussion on how often you should bathe your dog,  this post now gives tips on how to bath your dog as quickly and as painlessly, especially when your dog is not used to this kind of wet activity or doesn’t like the water in general.  dailydachshundanddognews   Tip 1: Set your bathing location wisely.

BEWARE: 10 Begging Tricks Boxer Dogs Use On You

Boxer dogs will do anything for a treat!  They know how to hit your weakness to the core.  Watch out for these Begging Tricks that they might use on you to get what they want. WATCH this video of a begging Boxer.  He is an expert trickster! LOL Here are the 10 Begging Tricks that Boxers

Labrador Retriever 101 – What Makes This Breed So Unique?

Fall in love with the Labrador Retriever.  pinterest They were bred from Newfoundlands, but a smaller version to retrieve fishing nets and fish hooks.  Look closer and you’ll see that they have webbed feet!  Labs also have otter-like tails to act as a rudder in the water.  Labs have slightly oily fur to keep them