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Poetry Tribute For All Dogs: When You Love A Dog

A dog will look at you with eyes filled with nothing else but love for you and your family. A dog will live his short life, trying every moment to enter your heart without a way or by-ends. A dog does not know hate.  You can abandon him and we will still wait for you

Dog Breed 101 – The Mighty German Shepherd

The original K9 Police Dog, there are over 8,000 deputy dogs!  They are the legendary heroes of the police and military force. They are the result of specific breeding in Germany to produce the perfect service dog.  wolfpackk9 When at home, they remain athletic, disciplined, loyal and will not hesitate to sacrifice their life to save

Golden Retriever: The Best Family Dog!

Why is the Golden Retriever the perfect family pet?  Why are they the number one breed in the whole world?   First of all, they are the lowest ranking barkers.  Second, they don’t have bad breath. Third, they are the Champions of Obedience Trials.  Fourth, they are versatile and can adapt to anyone.  Fifth,  they

35 Dachshund Descriptions To Love Them Even More Than You Could Ever Imagine

Dachshund actually means “badger dogs” who were originally bred to help out hunters to go down holes. Dachshunds are . . . Amazing. World’s best kept secret. Intelligent. FRIENDLY. Smart. Loves Children. Has big bark. Bold. Rash. ACTIVE. Tenacious. HARDY. Has a big heart. Good Athletes. Great. Strong.  Gives their 100%.  Ball of energy. Comedians. Clowns of the breed.  High performance dog. Little Napoleons. Relaxed. LIVELY. Affectionate.

K9 Partner and Wife Give Honor For Cop Who Died In a Car Crash

  3milliondogs This six year old German Shepherd police dog named Blek has shown true loyalty to his partner when they were involved in a head-on collision with a van that was driving the wrong way. Blek’s partner, Lt. Eric Eslary of the Pennsylvania Police had died instantly in the crash.  But the dog remained

MUST WATCH: This Is The Most Impressive Dachshund Act!

Just when you thought that training your stubborn Doxie was impossible, this amazing woman did it!  Not with just one Dachshund, but with FIVE Dachshunds! Synchronized jumping and rolling is so freakin adorable!  Look at how happy and patient they are in the whole act! SHARE this on Facebook! 

There’s No LAB Like The First!

There’s no lab like the first. Check out these 10 photos that were posted by different dog owners as they reminisce their very first Lab. 1. “In love with Chloe! #myfirstlab #ilovedogs #hereyes” – zely.salazar 2. “Cash’s uncle Toby #myfirstlab #yellowlab #babydog #6weeks” – blacklab_cash 3. “I can’t believe it’s been year since you went to Doggy Heaven. I

What This Guard Dog Can Do During Day Off Is So Adorable!

Dogs can be trained at keeping their families safe from bad guys.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t have some adorable fun when there’s no butts needing to be kicked. This video below is proof that fierce fighters can be gentle giants when the they bond with their humans.   I mean, it’s amazing how