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10 Emotional Messages of Lab Owners That Will Touch Your Heart

As much as we love our Labradors, we can’t deny the fact they they will leave this world. And when they’re gone, we feel empty and sad. We miss them a lot and when we do, we simply can’t express our emotions. Read these emotional messages of different Lab owners who miss their pet. 1.

Poetry Tribute For All Dogs: When You Love A Dog

A dog will look at you with eyes filled with nothing else but love for you and your family. A dog will live his short life, trying every moment to enter your heart without a way or by-ends. A dog does not know hate.  You can abandon him and we will still wait for you

Dog Breed 101 – The Mighty German Shepherd

The original K9 Police Dog, there are over 8,000 deputy dogs!  They are the legendary heroes of the police and military force. They are the result of specific breeding in Germany to produce the perfect service dog.  wolfpackk9 When at home, they remain athletic, disciplined, loyal and will not hesitate to sacrifice their life to save

Toilet Bowl Water VS Lakes and Rivers

Dogs get their drinking water usually from what we provide them – a fresh clean water bowl.   But do you know where else? There are two other main sources:  a foreign body of water (puddle, river, lake, etc.) and the household toilet.  mccluskeychevrolet  Is drinking from a TOILET BOWL safe for our dogs?  Dogs prefer

When You Are Fishing For A Boxer Dog

Combine your favorite fishing hobby with your love for Boxer dogs? The result is catching total fun and laughtrip! This video teaching you how to fish for Boxer dogs is Hilarious! Are you Hungry for a Boxer dog? Catch one adorable Boxer dog in your nearest lake now! ROFL!! SHARE this on Facebook!

English Bulldog 101 – Is This Breed Right For You?

ENGLISH BULLDOGS: Tenacious. Powerful.  Lovable. Fierce. Confident. Tough.  Independent. While the typical dog would look to their owners for guidance and support; the English Bulldog is just “Whatever, I don’t need you.” They are funny creatures!  They look funny and they make funny sounds. Also, don’t force the English Bulldog to swim. Their body is

Funny Boxer Dog Temptations!

It’s TOUGH being a good dog! But being good definitely pays off! WATCH this Boxer Dog look at TEMPTATION right into the eye.  He almost falls into the trap.  He plays in his mind what he really wants to do with the object of Temptation in front of him. Poor doggy had to go through

The Hilarious Boxer Dog Logic

Take a look at the Boxer Dog Logic! For one, Boxer will jump at anything high.  But they won’t jump in the car! WHY????? Another, Boxers LOVE water.  But HATES bath!! These dogs think so weird, especially these naughty Boxers.  It makes me want to strangle them with my love! LOL SHARE this on Facebook! 

Jumping Dogs Everywhere! [Best Funny Compilation]

OMG these dogs can’t stop jumping! They are the happiest dogs ever.  They leap and bound and spring and hop! Every second of this video screams HAPPINESS. The more I watch these dogs, the funnier it gets and the happier I become too! SHARE this on Facebook!