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Poetry Tribute For All Dogs: When You Love A Dog

A dog will look at you with eyes filled with nothing else but love for you and your family. A dog will live his short life, trying every moment to enter your heart without a way or by-ends. A dog does not know hate.  You can abandon him and we will still wait for you

Is Your Dog Paw-sitively Healthy?

Is Your Dog Paw-sitively Healthy?  pinterest Dogs’ paws are the most injury-prone compared to every other body part.  While most of these paw injuries are minor and can heal quickly, the affected paws would make it painful for your dog to walk on. How can you help take care of your dog’s paws?   flickr 1.

This Dog Is Happily Stuck In A Bush [LOL!]

KEEP CALM AND STAY STUCK.    huffingtonpost If you just focus at the face of this Shiba Inu, you would never have guessed that he got stuck in a bush!  He was just looking around, adorable as ever, as if it didn’t have a care in the world.  metrouk2 This Shiba Inu is so unlike

K9 Partner and Wife Give Honor For Cop Who Died In a Car Crash

  3milliondogs This six year old German Shepherd police dog named Blek has shown true loyalty to his partner when they were involved in a head-on collision with a van that was driving the wrong way. Blek’s partner, Lt. Eric Eslary of the Pennsylvania Police had died instantly in the crash.  But the dog remained

13 Dogs With THAT LOOK When They Realize They’re Going To the Vet

A vet appointment strikes terror into the bravest pets’ hearts.  Pity these misty-eyed doggies! Just compare these poor pets to the human fear of a dentist’s drill. Who knows if they’re as scared as they look? They’ve done a good job at making us feel sorry for them all the same – but it’s still

Hungry Mother Dog Roams The Streets Begging For Help

A dog loose on the streets is a big issue.  But a dog walking around and looking like a bag of bones, suffering from canine Eclampsia is an even bigger issue! Eclampsia or the “milk fever” is an emergency medical condition associated with a  life-threatening drop in blood calcium levels that occurs in nursing mothers. Eclampsia

CUTENESS KILLS! 4 Compelling Reasons To Stop Supporting Teacup Dogs

The sad reality that goes with dog enthusiasts is that they tend to think about purebred dogs as products.  They produce (and even mass produce) dogs based on their face value and performance.  The dog market is filled with the changing trend of popular dogs coming in different breeds and bloodlines. One of the most

12 Dog Breeds You Will Never See Walking On Earth Again

How many dog breeds in the world, we may never really know.  However,  the World Canine Organization compiled a registry of all internationally accepted dog breeds.  The latest count would make it 339 official dog breeds!  This excludes the breeds that no longer, either these extinct dogs were no longer maintained or has already evolved

Diagnosis Of Clinical Depression In Dogs Is Real

“At first, I noticed my dog suddenly shook.  Then he wouldn’t go on walks.  He also stopped eating. He stopped drinking.  Most of the time, he was hiding under the bed or behind the big mirror in our kitchen.”   thenest Well, dogs can be diagnosed with clinical depression.  It is a reality and there are

Rescued Puppy Covered In Tar Shows Miracle Happy Ending!

This puppy got trapped in tar that was used for road repairs.  The puppy could not move his entire body when it arrived at the Animal Aid.  WATCH how the staff diligently removed the tar.  The puppy’s happy ending was worth all the effort! Please don’t leave puppies playing alone! Especially in the streets! SHARE