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15 Hilarious Photos of Dogs With Eyebrows

Monalisa is not their thing. Pet owners add eyebrows to their dogs. Some like it but some get annoyed. Check out these 15 hilarious photos of dogs with eyebrows. 1. “Is this the effect of eyebrows? I feel sleepy.” 2. “I’m not sure if my crush will like my brows.” 3. “No to thin. Yes to thick eyebrows.” 4. “Need

5 Flower Essences for Dogs With a Dark Past

Dogs also experience inevitable events like Death and heavy emotions like Grieving and Depression. Most of us, if not all, already know the pain of losing an animal companion. source: We have also witnessed dogs who have been through trauma from abuse and neglect. source: deviantart Here are 5 Flower Essences you can keep

Are You Ruining Your Relationship With Your Dog?

Take this simple Yes or No Quiz to know if you are Drifting away from your dog . . . hurting your dog in the process! 1.  Are you always on your phone?  If yes, please get off your phone.  Instead of checking your twitter account, check how your doing is doing. source: celebritydachshund 2.

10 Rare Puppies that will Take Your Breath Away!

Brace yourselves, these puppies were born to paralyze you with their cuteness!!! I almost died just looking at that last pup! 1.  Catahoula Leopard Pup  – This puppy will grow to be a head-turner heartthrob!  2.  I will definitely look forward Masked Puppy showing in theaters soon!  3.  Panda Dogs  – OMG are these cuties for real?!

Lost Dog Found – What To Do If You Find A Lost Dog Or Puppy

Puppies are most often chosen by their owner out of a litter. In other words, one day you wake up and decide it’s time to get a puppy so you start looking for one through the paper or your local breeder. But there are occasions when a wandering puppy walks in to someone’s life and

Leash Training 101: Do You Have The Right Mindset?

Leash training your dog is much more than actually following a few steps and guidelines. It’s the actual mindset of the owner that is the single most important element. Success or failure, joy or frustration – all depend on how you approach your dog’s walking sessions. Start your leash training off on the right paw,

Japanese Chin (Toy Group)

The Japanese Chin is absolutely one of the most adorable members of the Toy Group. Always on the lookout for fun and games, this dog is equally sensitive and thrives on affection. They are devoted to their family and ready to make friends with anyone and any animal, strangers or not. Japanese Chin dogs are

10 German Shepherds Outsmart You! LOL!

Its so amazing how this gentle giants can become and act like a spoiled brat. 1. That moment when he tries to renew his post. Source: pinterest 2. How can you get mad seeing those cute little eyes. Source: dogtime 3. That moment when you’re confused with their honesty against their mistake. Source: pinterest 4. That

Dachshunds Invade Hollywood Scene!

Here are 10 movies featuring dachshunds, proving that they can take over Hollywood too! 1. Garfield and the Tale of Two Kitties. We all know that the greatest nemesis of Garfield in the is “Odie” which is a dachshund. Source: pixshark 2. All Dogs Go to Heaven. One of the main character among the other