Common Dog Problems and Its DIY Remedies

It’s good to know that we can easily aid our dogs’ common problems using items that can be easily found in our home.

1. Poison Control. Give Hydrogen Peroxide one teaspoon for every five pounds of your dog’s weight. The process maybe repeated.

Source: petbucket

2. Upset Stomach. Add a little plain yogurt in every meal to help regulate his digestive system and replenish the good kind of bacteria lost to diarrhea or vomiting.

Source: justdogdayz

3. Itchy Skin. Mix a one cup of plain oatmeal to a warm water bath. Let it soothe for a while in a dog’s body before rinsing it. You can do this several times a week for softer, soothed skin.

Source: greenpasturesvets

4. Fleas. Mix up a solution of about five drops of oil with a few teaspoons of water, and dip your dog’s cloth collar or a bandana into it before tying around your dog’s neck. The oil itself doesn’t kill fleas, they can’t stand its smell and are less likely to make a home on your pet.

Source: thepetproductguru

5. Bad Breath. Clean up bacteria by adding herbs like margosa and coriander to your dog’s diet or boil a sprinkling of herbs in water for a few minutes and then let it cool before giving to your dog.

Source: westword


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