Dachshunds Invade Hollywood Scene!

Here are 10 movies featuring dachshunds, proving that they can take over Hollywood too!

1. Garfield and the Tale of Two Kitties. We all know that the greatest nemesis of Garfield in the is “Odie” which is a dachshund.

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2. All Dogs Go to Heaven. One of the main character among the other dogs is a dachshund and they all deserve to go to heaven. AWE!

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3. The Ugly Dachshunds. The movie is about a couple who owns a female dachshund named “Danke” who just gave birth to little pup dachies. But due to an unfortunate event, the couple needed to adopt a puppy Great Dane in which “Danke” milk him and eventually think of himself as a dachshund too!

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4. Wiener Dog Nationals. This movie featured how a dachshund struggled to go and win national competition.  This determined dachshund underwent a lot of trials and difficulties to reach his goal.  Respect!

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5. Toy Story 1 & 2. In the Toy Story 1 & 2 Walt Disney featured two different dachshunds in the movie. Way too COOL!

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6. Bolt. Although it is a short exposure but”Bolt’s” meeting the dachshunds has been really effective.

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7. Raising Helen. In this movie the family own a dachshund and was considered a part of the family.

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8. Marmaduke. “Marmaduke” has a lot of dog buddies and one of them is a dachshund of course.

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9. Hotels for dogs.  It tells the story of two orphans, Andi and Bruce (played by Roberts and Austin), who attempt to hide their dog at an abandoned hotel after their strict new guardians tell them that pets are forbidden at their home. They also take in other dogs to avoid the dogs being taken away by two cold-hearted animal pound workers and police officers.

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10. The Grand Hotel. A group of very different individuals staying at a luxurious hotel in Berlin deal with each of their respective dramas. And one of which is John Barrymore in the name of  “The Baron” who happen to own a dachshund in the movie.

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