Do You Have A Happy Dog Inside Your Home?

Dogs are social animals.  We have already embraced that as a fact.  Unlike us humans who can stay inside a room and keep ourselves entertained for hours on end, our dogs are not that capable in controlling their temperaments when kept in an inconvenient environment, such as an enclosed room.  They can end up bored, depressed and aggressive.

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Make sure your dogs are happy even when inside your house by applying these 5 tips!

1.  Stair Play  – Maximize the use of your stairs by playing fetch with your dog, allowing them to run up and down, giving them the daily exercise they need.

Note: For dogs with joint problems, keep the play time in flat surfaces, so the happy times continues!

source: mnn

2.  Rotation Diet  – Alternate the food that you are giving your dog.   Offer foods from kibble to canned to raw and the different proteins (poultry, meat and fish) that they should be receiving.

Note: Dogs are less active in cold months, so be aware of the quantity of food you give to avoid over-feeding.

source: wakeup-world

3.  Hide and seek – Create a treasure hunt for your dog around the house by hiding healthy treats in different places. This is an interactive game to get him moving and encourage him to explore his surroundings.

source: mimipets

4.  Indoor Pools  – Who doesn’t want that?  Swimming is a very safe physical activity even for dogs with joint problems. Start with short sessions and build up the duration and intensity of the swims.

source: lingatour

5.  Routines and Obedience Training –   Mentally healthy dogs are happy dogs! Time to bring out your training books and work with your dog.  Improve the basic skills that your dog has already learned, this will increase your bonding and interaction with your dog.

source: wikimedia

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