Does Your Dog Love You Back?

We humans show and express our love in so many different ways.   Our dogs, though unable to talk our language, are social animals who are also excellent communicators.   Our dogs show their love for us in ways that can sometimes be inconvenient.  But just remember, that to them, you are the most important person in the whole world.

When they do these, they love you back:

1. Your dog follows you .  Dogs don’t believe in living a private life.  They do everything with others, especially with the ones they love.

source: pinterest

2.  Your dog engages in rowdy play.  Dogs are cute when they play and roll over each other.  This is how they develop social skills.  So play with your dog and make sure to tell them when they have already gone too far.

source: lovetaza

3.  Your dog takes care of you.  Your dog will certainly notice if you are physically injured or emotionally down.    They treat their family with care and lots of help.

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4. Your dog jumps up on you.  While most of us don’t approve of this behavior, it actually came from their instinct of wanting to lick their mother’s face.  To them, you are their parent, and they want to show how they love you.   Careful if you are carrying something dangerous though.

source: pixoto

5. Your dog leans on you.  Dogs like to be physically close to the one they love.  If they do this, return the favor and give them a nice loving pat!

source: pinterest

6. Your dog sleeps next to you.  When they sleep next to you, they see you as their family.  Dogs like cuddling and snuggling with their pack!

source: flightofthecanadians

7.  Your dog goes crazy when you get home.  The sound of your car at the garage, the opening of the door, your voice calling them,  all of those make them crazy and excited to be with you once more.  This is a definite sign that your dog loves you!

source: youtube

8. Your dog SMILES! They may not have the same human face, but they can still express emotions.  Make sure to make the dog who loves you smile a lot!

source: walkyourdogaustin


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