Dog’s 10 Commandments

All dogs live by these 10 Commandments.  Maybe we could learn from their good examples!

1. Thou Shall Enjoy Simple Pleasure of Walk.

Source: telegraph

2. Thou Shall Run and Play Daily. 


3. Thou Shall  Be Loyal, Faithful and quick to Forgive.

Source: mashable

4. Thou Shall  Always drink plenty of water.

Source: faveimage

5. Thou Shall Learn to sit close and listen.

Source: sodahead

6. Thou Shall Follow your instinct.

Source: pinterest

7. Thou Shall Avoid biting when a growl will do.

Source: companionanimalsolution

8. Thou Shall Keep digging until you find what you want.

Source: betterhousekeeping

9. Thou Shall Accept all life’s treats with gratitude.


Source: yourpurebreedpuppy

10. Thou Shall Love unconditionally.

Source: cafewitteveen

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