Dogs With Their EARtitude

It takes dogs at least 18 muscles to move their ears, that’s only one more muscle than it takes for you to smile, but way more impressive. These dogs are letting their ears represent their attitude in an amazing way.

1. ” Give me that treat already!”

Source: blogher

2. “…Or else I will not grow in these ears!”

Source: pinterest

3. “I heard your petting the neighbor’s dog, wanna explain?”

Source: buzzfeed

4. “The pizza dude went that way.”

Source: barkpost

5. “No one will harm my human, I have my radar on!”

Source: buzzfeed

6. “Love this little wings in my head.”

Source: favim

7. “Then we’re gonna travel around the world”

Source: motleydogs

8. “That I have to wait”

Source: dumpaday

9. “I know it is weird but it is very useful so GET OVER WITH!”

Source: barkpost

10.“Look into my ears and be hypnotized”

Source: curiouspuppies

11.“I’m hoping that these ears could make me fly!”

Source: galleryhip

12. “My radar says it’s dinner time!”

Source: zastavki

13. “I’ve been told these ears are in fashion now!”

Source: westcoastdogs

14.  Golden Retriever with Husky blood gives that perky ear that we love so much! 

Source: imgur

15. “I know I heard you say treat…”

Source: photobucket

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