Dying Dog Found With A Stomach Full of Sand


The detectives from the Polk County Sheriff’s Agricultural Crimes found a starving dog with a stomach three-quarters full of sand.  The three-year-old Pit Bull mix was tethered in a yard whilst severely ill.

The dog suffered from malnutrition and a serious breathing problem due to an untreated throat disorder. The dog ate sand to survive.  . Because of the severity of the dog’s health issues, veterinarians recommended the dog be humanely euthanized.

The body of the dog was submitted for necropsy, and here is the Sheriff’s statement: “It is presumed the dog was without food to the point where he was eating dirt. The vet stated the dog had a lung infection and had suffered for an extended period of time. The dog’s lack of proper care and medical treatment led him to have a ‘cruel life.'”

The owner, who was aged 52, was caught and charged with felony animal cruelty.

Rest In Peace buddy! You deserve a far better life than the terrible one you had.


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