Eight Innocent Puppies showing off their Belly Overload

Don’t dare miss these puppy bellies that are in dire need of your rubs!  Exposure of these bellies is for one reason alone. To rub and be rubbed in return.

1.  “My Dalmatian belly could use more loving and rubbing!”

Source: imgur

2.  “You’re rubbing the wrong spot.”

Source: imgur

3. “Did I say stop rubbing my belly? Why did you stop rubbing my belly?” 

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4. “I need more room for my puppy belly!  Yawn!”

Source: imgur

5. “I can’t hide my belly beneath all that fluffy. Ho! Ho!” 

6.  “Off to dream land . . .”

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7.  “The sunshine is good for my tummy and some rubby dubby.”

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8. “You must be confusing me with another cartoon character! Haha!”

Source: amazonaws

You can’t resist them now . . .

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