Everything We Need To Know About Dog’s Hot Spot!

Notice some lesions on your dog? Here’s the important things to know about dog’s hot spot and be vigilant and aware because early detection has a better prognosis.

1. WHAT IS DOG’S HOT SPOT? It is a raw, moist sore on a dog’s skin, usually surrounded by matted fur. The sore occurs when a dog’s persistently licks, bites, scratches or chews an area on his body, causing significant damage to the skin and ultimately an oozing sore.

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2. WHAT CAUSES IT? Most often, these wounds are due to some sort of irritant or allergen in the environment that causes a dog to itch, such as fleas, food or treats or other environmental nuisances, like dust or pollen. Sometimes hot spot can be associated with matted fur or a lack of proper grooming.


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3. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Take your dog immediately to the vet. Hot spot are very uncomfortable and painful for your dog, so an immediate intervention is needed. Remember that a hot spot is a symptoms of a larger problem, with the help of a veterinarian you can both find out the underlying cause.

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4. HOW WILL THE WOUND TREATED? The goal of the treatment is to clean the wound and keep your dog from further traumatizing the area. Veterinarian may clip your dog’s fur around the hot spot and remove any fur or crust from the wound. An injectable drug be given or a local anesthetic may be applied to the affected area as well.



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