Famous Pit Bulls

These misunderstood dog breed are also famous for all you know.

1. Pit Bulls were on the cover of “Life Magazine” three times  more than any other dog.

Source: sfgate

2. “Sallie” the Pit Bull stood guard over dead and wounded Union soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg. She is immortalized in a Civil War monument in Pennsylvania.

Source: carolynmayes

3. When Horatio Nelson Jackson and Sewall K. Crocker made the first cross-country drive in 1903, they brought along a Pit Bull named Bud.

Source: pinterest

4. The most decorated dog of World War I was a Pit Bull named Sergeant Stubby”. In between his 17 battles on the Western Front, the legendary pooch helped comfort wounded soldiers.

Source: terriblyterrier

5. “Petey”, the dog from The Little Rascals, was a Pit Bull.

Source: pitbullregistry

6. There are not one, but two reality TV shows specifically featuring Pit Bulls –”Pit Bulls and Parolees” and “Pit Boss”.

Source: playgoogle

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