Five Facts About Dogs’ Favorite Activity: SLEEPING!

Sleep is an essential and a very significant part in the lives of our dogs.  Know these 5 interesting facts about our dogs in their sleep!

1. A typical dogs spends 20% awake and active, 30% awake but inactive and 50% asleep.

Source: dogheirs

2. The average dog will sleep 12-14 hours a day. Puppies and large breeds can sleep up to 18 hours. 

Source: rgbstock

3. When a dog sleeps and how much a dog sleeps depends on the amount of activity they get. The more active the dog, the less sleep they need. Police dogs, Service dogs and Search & Rescue dogs won’t sleep as much because they work most of the day. 

Source: flickr

4. For non-working dogs and family pets, try a few tricks to keep them active and their minds stimulated. 

Source: chelseadogs

5. Sleep disorders aren’t common among dogs, but they do affect some. 

Source: wallpaperhi

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