Funny GIFs on Itchy Dogs

Life can really be an itch sometimes. This is especially true when you literally have fleas. Luckily, dogs are optimistic and resourceful beings – they can manage to look 100% adorable even when they’re scritchin’ and scratchin’ their furry noggins off.

1. “Thank God i found this little thingy, my back’s really scratchy”

Source: gifbin

2. “Whatcha lookin at men? It’s just so itchy!”

Source: ohmahgif

3. “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”

Source: giphy

4. “This carpet has multi-purpose function.”

Source: senorgif

5. “Oh Yeah! This feels good men!”

Source: ohmahgif

6. “Paws not enough… must use teeth!”

Source: gidivigo

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