Guess What? Jack Russell Terrier Training Is Amazingly Simple

Training a Jack Russell Terrier puppy can be very simple because they are very smart, independent dogs. They were bred for hunting small game, like foxes. With lots of exercise and play these puppies can grow up to be wonderful companions, the key here is lots of exercise as they are highly excitable pets. They can be difficult to keep from chasing squirrels. Some Jack Russell’s never learn to get along with cats; be aware of this before you bring one home to socialize with your pet cat.


Jack Russell Terrier puppies like to dig and can create large holes, particularly against fences or in your garden. The best way to teach the puppy not to dig in the wrong area is to teach them where they can dig. Choose somewhere in your yard away from fences or your prize flowers and start a small hole, perhaps even burying a bone or a dog toy. Then, take the puppy to this area and join in the digging. When the puppy finds the bone or toy praise them – scold them when they start to dig somewhere else. This type of training helps with positive reinforcement of where is and where is not acceptable to dig.

Scolding a Jack Russell Terrier should be done with a firm, but non-angry voice and a solid stare. Continue to stare at the puppy until they turn away acting embarrassed. This will show you are the Alpha in the relationship and their acknowledgment of you as master. An aluminum can with a few marbles in it can produce a loud rattle which can stop a Jack Russell from doing anything forbidden and be a very effective means of keeping a puppy focused during training. Never use hitting as a form of punishment as it only teaches fear and will eventually create a desire for the dog to seek independence from you. They are excellent diggers, so keeping a Jack Russell contained in a back yard when they want to escape can be near impossible.

The most important tool for training a Jack Russell Terrier is exercise. Play with the puppy a lot and they will come to want to spend time with you and not get interested in behaviors you find unacceptable. This means puppies require a great deal of your time and attention in the training stage. Visit for more tips on teaching your Jack Russell.