Hero Stray Dog Rescues Woman From Car Crash On A Rural Road

Shannon was driving a little too fast down rural Georgia when she fishtailed and was pushed out of the back window of her truck.   Her position was impossible for any passers by to see.

Shannon finally came to and felt a huge presence that was breathing and licking on her bloody face.  It was a stray dog!

Then, the dog did something so incredible and unbelievable – it tugged and pulled at Shannon’s lifeless body!  It was over 100 feet of travel back to the street, Shannon couldn’t do anything but hang on to the dog’s body .  A vehicle stopped at the edge of the road, and Shannon was able to call her husband for help.

“That dog had more thrive for life at that point than I did,” Shannon said.  If her furry angel here hadn’t been there that day, she believed she would have died already.

After saving Shannon’s life, the stray dog was taken to the Humane Society and adopted by a canine search and rescue trainer. Recognizing his adventurous, playful, and heroic soul, the dog’s new owner soon trained him to be a certified search and rescue dog who specializes in searching the wilderness for people in need. He was officially given a name: Hero.  A perfect fit!

What an amazing story!  WATCH the video for more inside details of the rescue and a reenactment of the dog’s good deed:

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