Honest-to-goodness Confessions Of A Dog Owner

Dogs are generally passionate creatures.  They don’t know how to hold themselves back!  When they love, they love with all their heart.  From food to humans, balls, sticks, sleeping, other dogs . . . they want it all!

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So we as dog owners have had a ton of pretty extreme and unique experiences with these frenzied furry pals.  Here are some of the honest-to-goodness confessions of a dog owner:  (I’m sure you can relate one way or another!)

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1.  I sometimes wish I didn’t have any dogs.   I could have a much simpler life without them.   So, there it is. I’ve said it. Yeah we love them so much, but you know, that very rare moment where you think just how easy and convenient life would be . . .

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2. Sometimes I forget to feed my dogs.  Trust me, my dogs used to start the pre-dinner sit-in around 2 p.m. just to be sure that I remembered.  But now that we are down to only two dogs, there just doesn’t seem to be that kitchen sit-in. I usually have to call them for dinner, so perhaps they can forgive me on this one since they aren’t in the kitchen to remind me?

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3.  I like one of my dogs more than the other. Sad, isn’t it? It’s kind of that nasty secret that isn’t talked about. P**** is just easier. He comes when I call him, he is super at the kennel and loves playing with the other dogs, he snuggles like a pro, the list goes on.

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4. I can’t stand sleeping with my dogs. It is always the same thing every night. I go into my room and find one or two of them on my pillows. They look super cute and snuggly! But within a few minutes, one of them is huffing and puffing under the covers because she is so darn hot, but won’t actually move to get air. At that point the bed is shaking from her heavy breathing and it feels like the quarter beds at cheap motels!! I had to kick her out of the bed.  My other dog is smaller, so how much trouble can he really be, right?  Well, he snores like a champ and starts right as I am drifting off to sleep. He has positioned himself on my pillow like a human being, and will even nuzzle the back of my head trying to get comfy. (This all sounds sort-of pornographic, doesn’t it?!).  Worse, he stays comfortable for about ten minutes and then needs to re-position, tapping at my shoulder to go under the covers and then, ten minutes later, he’s back on my pillow snoring away.

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5.  Sometimes I like my dogs more than my children.  They don’t talk back and there are no strings attached. They are just there to love you. Period. They don’t need to find their own ways, figure things out, stuff like that.

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