How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

You have probably read from the internet many different recommendations on how many times a year you should be washing your dog!

But with the onset of dog shampoos, that are on par with the best human shampoos, your dog can enjoy being clean all the time without worrying about harsh chemicals that can dry  their fur!

How often you should bath your dog really depends on you and your dog’s lifestyle and preference. Evaluate your dog’s bathing frequency with these 5 guidelines!

1. Your dog stays INDOORS/OUTDOORS.   If your dog stays inside your house, plays on the sofa and sleeps on your bed, then there is a need to bathe your dog regularly.  While your dog’s coat might be marginally drier, at least you have a sweet smelling dog you always want to cuddle with.

source: pinterest

2. Your dog’s texture of coat.   A rough texture of coating does not easily get dirty compared to soft and smooth textured coating.  Breeds with rough texture and an undercoating like Collies and Labradors can be bathed once a month.  Breeds with soft texture like Yorkies and Shitzus can be bathed once a week.

source: labradorretrieverguide

3. You or someone from your house is allergic to dogs.  You should bathe and groom your dog as often as possible to help remove the dander accumulated in the fur.

source: wikihow

4. Your dog’s activities.  If your dog likes playing in the sand or dirt, goes to the park, takes on swimming and hiking, and loves to eat PRACTICALLY ANYTHING, then a regular bathing is a must.

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5. Your dog’s (skin) health.  Dogs absorb allergens through their skin, unlike us hoomans who get allergens from their eyes or noses or mouths.  If your dog is suffering from itch or allergy, you should have weekly bathing to wash away allergens before it reaches their skin.

source: examiner

In general, the average times you should wash your dog is ONCE or TWICE A MONTH, depending on the above circumstances.   And choose a gentle dog shampoo!  Remember, when you maintain the cleanliness of your dog, you will have more loving and bonding times together. Who wants a dirty dog anyway?

source: aplacetolovedogs